Friday, February 24, 2012

alone with the headphone...

Picture: the Canadian Prairie at sunrise
Driving with a good pair of headphones to bring on the morning, these are the times I love classical music. In the quiet parts you can hear the audience moving in their seats and the players turning pages. Choose the right music (I love Copeland's Appalachian Spring it's perfect for the way it builds and crescendos) and you disappear into another world… you only hear the music, not the car or the wind from the open window, not the person snoring in the seat beside you. 
It’s what your eyes see and your ears hear; the smell of summer flowers, dew and cool grass, blowing in the breeze, the air moving through the horns, and the bow across the strings.  You mind is blank your senses heightened and you are alone and focused on the music…there is no better way to listen to music and not be distracted; alone with the head phone.

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