Saturday, December 31, 2011

New years dirtbag

Well years eve and I am at home, my son is asleep and as I was up last night rocking....I'm damn tired, so I'm gonna sign off shortly.

A good friend of mine came out last night and posted this...thanks for the props Spencer (follow Spenc's superb blogg... much better at posting then I am) and after seeing 'sheezer,' (who are awesome for sure...) YouTube lead me to this;

And I gotta say there is something awesome (brings a tear to my eye...really) about 50k people singing at the top of their lungs, mint.

I think that is the ultimate affirmation of success as a musician when you look out and some dude is singing along as you play live.  I learned the song because I have to, that guy's singing (all liquor'd up and slurred) because he want to.
That and the Wheatus song is great, like Corn Flakes go listen to it again for the first time.

Sappy New Year.
Someone's getting laid....
Damn I wish I had some Whisky.